Design and Bidding

Product Drawing
3D rendering of a product with door installation directions

We use the most advanced CAD/CAM software available to the woodworking industry to support us in our product design. Customer supplied architectural plans are placed directly in our software which allows our designers to create the structural design of our products, the programming for our computerized machinery, and shop drawings detailing precisely how the finished products are going to be constructed. Using our customer supplied drawings as the input for our own software helps us ensure that our shop drawings are true to the architectural drawings, and that our finished products are true to the shop drawings. As part of our design service we also offer value engineering. With our many years of experience in the industry we know how to design products that are efficient in both construction and design, and are always looking for ways to pass the value of that experience on to our customers.

The accuracy in our design is reflected in the accuracy of our complimentary bids. Unless there are additional change orders, our quoted price is the same as the bill price. Please, contact us today for a free bid.