NSF Certified Products

NSF International is a worldwide certification body that tests and certifies products that meet their high standard of public health and safety. In the food service industry NSF certified products are the standard by which other products are judged. From cooking utensils to appliances, those products that bear the NSF mark can be trusted to be safe and sanitary in use for the operator an the consumer.

Jackson Millwork Company is one of only a handful of manufacturers of NSF certified casework. These products are built to the highest standard of food safety, and to the highest standard of durability. Our NSF certified products have been utilized in hundreds of coffee shops and restaurants, providing year upon year of durability and ease of maintenance to their users. When our NSF cabinetry is combined with our custom stainless steel counter tops, sinks, freestanding tables, and butcher block tops, our customers are able to make limitless and perfectly custom food preparation areas that are optimized for their workflow and for the food safety their customers.

NSF Bakery Case
Custom NSF bakery case.

If your company has a unique product need and cannot find an NSF certified product to fill that need, Jackson Millwork Company can partner with you to develop and manufacture that product. Our NSF bakery case was developed in just such a partnership. As a bakery, our client found it very important to have the proper bakery case in terms of displaying their product, allowing for proper cooling of the product, and for ease of use for their employees. There simply were no commercially available cases that completely fit this very important product need. We worked side-by-side with that client to turn their vision of the perfect bakery case into a reality. View Our Registry.